Additional Exhibitor Information

Here are some additional important details for vendors who are exhibiting at the West Kentucky Boat & Outdoor Show – Owensboro.

Move-In & Setup

Exhibitors will be able to begin moving in and setting up on Thursday, January 31st.  Times will be determined on where your booth is located.  This information will be available the week prior to the show.  The facility will close to vendors at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday and re-open at 7:00 a.m. on Friday.

Drive-In Access

Exhibitors have the ability to drive into the facility to off-load their merchandise and/or boats, etc.   However you may not leave the motor running while stationary.


The show ends at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.  You may not begin moving out until 4:00 p.m.  You must have everything out of the Owensboro Convention Center on Sunday night.


The Owensboro Convention Center prohibits the use helium filled balloons anywhere in the facility, either to decorate or to give away.

Boat Plugs

All boats must be plugged prior to entering the facility and must remain plugged throughout the event.

Hand Carts

There are several handcarts available for you to use to move things in and out. Please try to use these as quick as possible so they will be available for the other exhibitors to use.

Tables & Chairs

Each exhibitor will receive one covered and draped eight foot table and two chairs.  Additional tables and chairs are available for a small charge.  They must be ordered through the Owensboro Convention Center.  Please click here for an order form. 

Temporary Vendor Sales Tax Permit

If your business is located outside the state of Kentucky and you will be selling merchandise at the event, you must obtain a Temporary Vendor Sales Tax Permit. These forms will be available during Check-In.

Kentucky Sales Tax Number

If you already have a sales tax number, the state of Kentucky requires that you fill out a form indicating your tax number and returning it to their office in Owensboro.  The form will be included with your check-in documents.


A 25% deposit for Bulk Space Exhibitors and a 50% deposit for In Line Exhibitors is required at the signing of the Exhibit Agreement.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Balance Due

The balance due is required in full prior to setting up at the Show.  Only checks and cash will be accepted.


If you need a paid invoice for co-op purposes, please e-mail Nancy after the show.  Include what portion of your booth cost needs to be attributed to what particular co-op.  I will prepare these for you and will e-mail them to you in a pdf document.  If you would prefer I mail them to you, please note that in your e-mail.

Electrical Services

110/20 Amp service is available for $45.00.  Electrical service must be ordered through the Owensboro Convention Center.   A single outlet will be provided.  You are welcome to provide your own extension cords and power strips to use in your booth.  All extension cords and power strips must be 120 volt, three-pronged, grounded cords.  Please click here for an order form.